Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Fault Pol Press and Politics

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Silence of the Pols and Press

Queens Mortgage Fraud Called Worst in the U.S.; State Still $3 Billion Short (Henry Stern, NY Civic)

The Silence of the Pols and Press
There seem to be a secret covenant between the pols and the press to avoid talking about problems. Pols who avoid negative stories tend to have high poll numbers. It is interesting to see examine Paterson spin and his poll numbers. The more he talked about the state's defect the more the public turned against him. A fact that has not gone unnoticed by the leading candidate for Paterson job Behind Curtain, Cuomo Runs P.R. Machine (NYT) Cuomo's 74% job approval, continuing a nine-month string of plus 70 scores, includes a 64% to 24% approval among Republicans. Q-poll * Cuomo's Numbers Show the Value of Silence

Silence: Increase Crime
Mayor Bloomberg has spinned in response to the crime increase that they will not be any cuts in the police department this year. The question that has not been asked of him or any pol in the city is where is the money going to come from to hire more police. Which pol will give up his or her lulus or member items and donate that money to the police? City's crime spike worse murders spiked 22.5 percent for the year and shootings nearly doubled for the week compared to last year. Even the public seems to be Silent when it comes to crime Stand tall for Syniah: Stop protecting the thugs who shot Brooklyn 5-year-old (DN Ed) Not one of these potential witnesses - not one single person - provided any meaningful information to the police

Silence: Hospital Closed
Could Congressman Nadler, Assemblywoman Glick, State Senator Duane or Speaker Quinn come up with the money to keep the hospital open? Who knows the press never asked them. Maybe they should watch some tapes of 60 Minutes Mike Wallace and his ambush interviews 3,500 at St. Vincent’s Get Termination Notices A SI congressman in a hard reelection is asking for federal help for a boy scout camp why have not the Manhattan pols ask federal help to keep a hospital open Rep. Mike McMahon, again, asks for federal money to save Pouch Camp.

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