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All About Me Politics

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Soprano's Dr. Melfi:It Is All About Me Politics

It all About Me Politics
The Soprano's Dr. Melfi Analysis Today's Players

If mafia boss Tony Soprano psychiatrist Dr. Melfi was able to have today's top pols and media leaders as her patents this is what she would say What is clear is the pol never take into account if they actions hurt the public.

The New York City culture has changed. It not about pols stealing. They always have. It more about what happens when they get cough red handed and are not in front of a judge trying to reduce their sentence. It about pols thinking they can get away with anything even when their money making seams unravel in public. Brian McLaughlin taking money from a little league team, Tony Seminerio ripping off hospitals and Rev. Flake working for a gambling organization.

It also about the media replacing independent journalist over the last 30 years with weak clueless scribes who just report what the spin doctors who work for the politicians want them to. True News will be reporting on this trend in the coming weeks. He is how today's stories fit into what we call the American Cultural Change.

Paterson can't handle the truth: If Paterson ever told it, that would be news (DN Ed) *** 'Do-nothing' gov's budget defense ***Gov denies cover story

Dr Melfi Paterson has no ability to feel shame or differ from right and wrong. Takes no responsibility ever

Senators' stonewall John Sampson, Pedro Espada and Malcolm Smith are giving for trying to kill Inspector General Joseph Fisch’s subpoena for documents relating to the scandal-plagued Aqueduct racino deal.

Dr. Melfi There is not only a lack of personal responsibility, most Albany pols think they can get away with anything

Joseph Mercurio 11 million American households owe more on their homes than they are worth. NY Times

Voters May Prefer a Crusader in the Governor’s Race. But Which One?

'Open & shut' case is HS win Judge blocks city from closing 19 schools *** Judge Blocks Closing of 19 New York City Schools

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