Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Corruption Honor List

  • Eliot Spitzer resigned in disgrace as governor in a prostitution scandal.
  • His replacement, Gov. David Paterson is also under investigation.
  • Former state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno was convicted of corruption.
  • Current Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada is under investigation.
  • Former Comptroller Alan Hevesi was convicted of and resigned for misusing of state funds for a driver for his wife.
  • State Sen. Hiram Monserrate was convicted of misdemeanor assault on his girlfriend.
Political Corrupt Costs Taxers More Money
It not enough we had to pay for ex assemblyman now federal inmate Tony Seminerio trial, investigation and his pension which he will get, maybe even in prison. We now have to bail out the hospitals that he rip off. Bill Would Aid Hospitals Linked to Probe New York City hospitals linked to a corruption scandal in Albany would be allowed to borrow an additional $160 million with state backing under a bill now being considered by lawmakers. The governor is also trying to give a loan to NYRA because of the funds it lost due to the funds it lost when the AEG deal was killed because of political corrupt in awarding the contract, which the gov and others are under federal investigation for. Paterson insisted NYRA will get a loan to enable racing at Belmont and Saratoga to continue as planned this summer.

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