Friday, April 16, 2010

Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

Breaking News Meeks slapped with subpoena in federal probe of Katrina funds on the House floor

Breaking News New York's Pay to Play Pension Scandal

The Quadrangle Group, the private equity firm that was once run by the Obama administration’s car czar, has agreed to settle a corruption investigation with New York State and the Securities and Exchange Commission, New York Times reported.

HUGE: Quadrangle Settles Suit, But Specifically Slams Founder Steve Rattner The Business Insider* SEC files charges against Quadrangle GroupWashington Post

SEC Files Civil Charges Against Quadrangle In 'Pay-To-Play' Probe (WSJ) * Quadrangle sued in NY pay-to-pay probe Reuters * Quadrangle Group Sued Over Kickback 'Scheme' by SEC BusinessWeek * SEC Charges Private Equity Firm in Kickback Scheme Involving New York Pension Fund

True New March 14, 2010
DiNapoli In Cuomo’s Crosshairs *DiNapoli Ensnared in Pension Fund Inquiry* The Wolf at Thompson's Door * True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut * DiNapoli: I’m Not Involved In Pension Mess

Next For Sure
Hevesi fallout widens to include Rattner, Global Strategy Group

Quadrangle Settles with Cuomo, Trashes Rattner; Global Fined Too

Global Strategies Group
, whose CEO Jon Silvan will pay $2 million for serving unlicensed broker. Global, which did work for former Gov. Elliot Spitzer, is said to have received $1.3 million for helping facilitate pension fund investments in private equity funds managed by two firms.

Car Czar Steve Rattner Is All About "Chooch" - Chooch *

Steve Rattner, Obama's putative "car czar," was named in an SEC investigation claiming his investment firm funded distribution of a movie named "Chooch" in exchange for NY pension business. But what is "Chooch?

Pay to Play Liberal Party

Former New York Liberal Party head Ray Harding charged with taking kickbacks in pension fund scheme
Consultants Who Use Their Influence to Join the Play to play Orgy
Malpass To Gillibrand: Dump Global * Gov. David Paterson initially hired Risa Heller, who came to Global from Sen. Chuck Schumer’s shop, to run his communications operation after he ascended to replace Spitzer in March 2008, enabling the firm to maintain its toehold in Albany. But Global and Paterson parted ways in February 2009. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is now one of Global’s marquis clients. UPDATE: Oh yes, and Global has also worked for…Andrew Cuomo (during the 2006 AG’s race) * Malpass Slams Gillibrand On Global Ties * Lobbyist Was Paid for Pension Fund Deals, Cuomo Says * DiNapoli Meeting Under Investigation By AG's Office * Gillibrand won't cut ties with Global Strategy despite AG report * Gillibrand, Rice Stick With Global

Liu Wants to Keep Money Manages

The manager of New York City's $98 billion pension fund, City Comptroller John Liu, says he wants to revoke a ban on middlemen who arrange private equity deals * Bringing Back the Fixers (NYT Ed)

Quadrangle Settles With Cuomo and S.E.C.
Statement by Quadrangle Leaves Steve Rattner Hanging
“We wholly disavow the conduct engaged in by Steve Rattner, who hired the New York State Comptroller’s political consultant, Hank Morris, to arrange an investment from the New York State Common Retirement Fund. That conduct was inappropriate, wrong, and unethical. We embrace the reforms in the Attorney General’s Code of Conduct, including the campaign contribution and placement agent ban, which are vitally necessary to eliminate pay-to-play practices from the public pension fund investment process. We urge others in the industry to follow.” * Quadrangle's Anti-Love Letter To Steve Rattner (WSJ) * Muck tracker - Quadrangle Group settles pension fund cases

What True News has written about Steve Rattner during the past years
Steve Ratner Pension MessWho's Afraid of Steve Rattner? Everyone? * bloomberg pensionMess * The Wolf at Thompson's Door * True News: Wolf at Thompson Door, Part II . Avella Opens A Cut * DiNapoli * pension pay to play * The Hevesi Team is on the Pay to Play Varsity Division * Investors and Developers Control Comptroller's Campaign * Organized Crime Politics: Comptroller Office for Sale $$$ * Rattner: Toxic Conflict of Interest; Is the NYT at Risk? * Mayor Won't Forsake Rattner

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