Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Over 100 NY Leaders and Groups Offer Their Reaction to Cuomo's Speech

The Ax Falls

Over 100 NY Leaders and Groups Offer Their Reaction to Cuomo's Speech  
Sisto: Cuomo’s Medicaid Cuts Require Magic Cuomo’s Budget Cuts Spending on Schools and Medicaid (NYT) * Cuomo unveils slash and hack 2011-12 budget (NYP) * NY Gov. Cuomo proposes no college tuition increase- Washington Post * UPDATE 1-NY's Cuomo's budget seeks to reverse past "shams"- Reuters * Cuomo to Cut New York State Spending by $8.86 Billion, Fire 9800 Workers Bloomberg * Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal would slash at least $700 million from New York City (DN) * Cuomo's budget presentation sticks to major themes (TU) * Silver: Don’t blame the legislature for everything (TU)  * Business Council Supports Gov. Cuomo's Fiscal Reform Budget * BUDGET-BRIEFING-BOOK  * NY Gov. Cuomo proposes no college tuition increaseAuburn Citizen * State Budget Reaction: The Politicos (DN) * 1199/GNYHA Prepare For ‘Superhuman Feat’  * Capitol Confidential » CSEA, PEF, NYSUT don’t seem to be in partner mode *State Budget Reaction: Labor (DN) * Josh Robin Bloomberg blasts Cuomo budget, breaking with ally. "Unfortunately, the budget does not treat New York City equitably;(Twitter) * DiNapoli Likes What He Sees “At First Glance”    * If you missed Gov. Cuomo's budget address earlier, you can catch it here in its entirety * City Hall News In response to , @ says NYC pays disproportionate share of taxes, and deserves its fair share of state aid (Twitter * Skelos: Cuomo Budget ‘Realistic’ (YNN) * Cuomo Budget Cuts MTA Operating Funds, Puts a Bandage on Capital Budget | DMI Blog * STATEMENT OF MAYOR MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG ON GOVERNOR CUOMO'S 2011-2012 EXECUTIVE BUDGET * Video jukebox: reaction from Skelos, Silver, DiNapoli (TU) * State Budget Reaction: Education, Kids And Health * Second Ave. Sagas
 Cuomo removes $100M in dedicated transit dollars * State Budget Reaction: Transportation (DN) * Cuomo's first budget gets mixed reviews 
* Bloomberg: Cuomo Budget Unfair To NYC (YNN) * Cuomo’s cuts to NYC $659.4 Million (WNYC) * Cuomo budget soundbites - During his first budget address, Governor Andrew Cuomo touched upon some hot topics, inclu... (Twitter)* Judiciary singled out for a Cuomo jab (TU) * Blame Game Silver Video (YNN) * The Observer also has a nice roundup -- with photos! -- of the budget's main points. * The horsemen aren’t happy about Cuomo’s proposed 2.75 percent racing purse surcharge. 

LeBrun: Cuomo left tough chases till another day. (Albany Times-Union)
Detailing Cuomo: Gershman wants more. (Wall Street Journal)
Dissing Lawmakers: “I think that was a bit harsh.” (Buffalo News)
Closing Prisons: “You can’t make a trade-off for jobs,” says a county executive with a prison in his backyard. (The Post-Star | Glen Falls, NY)
Cuomo’s Decisions: “He left the hard decisions – what workers to lay off, what prisons to close, what Medicaid programs to reform – in the hands of politically-appointed task force.” (
Reacting to Cuomo: Scott and Dicker hear the shrieks. (New York Post)
The governor is moving to change the budget process altogether.


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