Sunday, February 20, 2011

Election 2013

Sunday, January 16, 2011

True News Sunday Update: Mayorial Election 2013 Has Begun

A Cry for Attention

Today running for mayor means name recognition and image.  Nobody has Bloomberg's Billions so they need to start now to build public support.  Forgetabout a having the best plan to balance the budget without hurting New Yorkers with service cuts, higher fees and taxes.  Up until last week shooting we had Weiner on the cable almost every day blasting the GOP.  Today we have Manhattan Borough Presidents in the WSJ Stringer Is Sprinting in 2013 Race(WSJ). And there are others who are running already running hard

Candidate Quinn: Uncharacteristically Yells At MTA

Apologizing, M.T.A. Admits Blunders During Blizzard(NYT) * Snow Hearing Turns Up Heat on MTA(WSJ) * Ax New York's bungling transit leaders, says City Council(DN) * MTA: Mistakes Were Made With Blizzard Response (NY1) * Quinn Grills MTA, Calls Blizzard Breakdown ‘Beyond Shocking’(WCBS) * Council Speaker Calls MTA Blizzard Response "Ridiculous"(WNBC) * Christine Quinn - Corruption Protest - 13 January 2011



Candidate Liu: Hits Mayor on CityTime Contract Letter found by Liu reveals shady CityTime job offer pitch in '02 ... * Liu Hits at Mayor On CityTime Fraud * Mr. Comptroller? Try Mr. President * Budget hawk dropped ball on CityTime (NYP)


Candiate de Blasio: Demands the Mayor Boycott Glock Guns

de Blasio Wants NYPD To Ban Glocks, Bloomberg Doesn't- Gothamist * Public Advocate de Blasio calls for NYPD Glock boycott* Bloomberg Knocks Down Public Advocate's Call for NYPD Glock Boycott (WNBC) * Mike ducks push for clip boycott(NYP) * Mike's Glock duck(NYP)

Sen. Chuck Schumer: Major Gun Control Legislation Doesn’t Have The Votes

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