Monday, December 13, 2010

The New Tavern on the (Dog) Green

Friday, May 21, 2010

The New Tavern on the (Dog) Green

The New Tavern on the (Dog) Green

From the NY Post:

"If Tavern on the Green ends up dead for good, as now appears plausi ble, City Hall will have only itself to blame.

As The Post has reported regularly, contract talks between prospective new Tavern operator Dean Poll and union Local 6 have gone nowhere. Until they make a deal, the Parks Department won't give a license to Poll, whom it chose last summer to run the landmark eatery. In tapping Poll, the city threw out common sense in favor of a nutty agenda utterly removed from the realities of the restaurant business. It's reminiscent of Mayor Bloomberg's too-frequent utopian obsessions at the expense of real progress -- like his far-fetched "vision" for Lower Manhattan after 9/11, even as he ducked responsibility for the World Trade Center site." Tavern on brink
The Parks Department decided last summer to dump longtime Tavern operator Jennifer LeRoy in favor of Poll, who runs Central Park's non-union Boathouse. Bloomberg's Left Tavern on the Green To Rot--Steve Cuozzo - * Future of Tavern on the Green is ... a hot dog stand? (DN) * Tavern on Green Back on Block (WSJ) * Team Cuomo is working behind the scenes to give AG hopeful Kathleen Rice a boost * Cuomo tried clearing the AG field by attempting to block two unions from endorsing Eric Schneiderman, and asking Sean Coffey to run for comptroller.

Tavern on the Truck?

Mike Bloomberg told Donald Trump to hold off measuring the drapes for Tavern on the Green.

My name is Mike and you'll be 'waiting' on me today * As Trump Eyes The Tavern, Unions Eye The Boathouse (Gothamist)

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