Monday, December 13, 2010

Bloomberg Spin

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

24/7 365 Campaign Spin Becomes Government

24/7 365 Campaign Spin
Becomes Government

We have entered an era when spin to influence the voters is designed to hid reality and create a false reality. The reality is bad things still happen it just hidden, pols have become no fault. People are still unemployed, stores close and class sizes grow but it just happens without media coverage which are full of pols positive spin.

None of these spins improve government services. None of these spin give an unemployed worker a job or provide health care for the uninsured. The only thing the hot air does improve is the poll numbers of incumbent pols. So we have increasing creative spin high paid young brats completely disconcerted from the realities of the world and a press owned by corporation and developers, facing Hugh cutback that does little more than rewrite the spin masters press releases. What we get is a talking heads government like the people on cable shouting at each other and responsible for nothing. Campaigns that make promises like free crosstown buses or smaller class sizes that budget realities known last summer during the campaign to the pols and the press to be impossible. Or Obama changing his message and policies on a dime to saving the middle class after the biggest bank giveaway in history. Obama's Ill Advised Populist Turn - Los Angeles Times. Back to the President Bloomberg spin Mayor Bloomberg Not Planning Presidential Run, Despite Great Start to Third Term * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver took a shot at Mayor Bloomberg for hiring Howard Wolfson. In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Ford ripped President Obama's proposed tax on banks -- arguing that the White House bill would do "harm to New York's financial industry." Gillibrand's response? Ford favors "the wealthy and the powerful big corporations." The NYP editorial says Earth to Gillibrand: Those "powerful big corporations" provide tens of thousands of New Yorkers with jobs. And billions in tax revenue to local government. The job is senator from New York * Mayor: Proposed NY budget would mean big layoffs , Ex-Hillary aide Wolfson staying on Bloomberg's City Hall staff Spin Master Join the Bloomberg Team The mayor who ran his entire campaign saying his expertise in budgeting would protect the city of financial harm. Now see a city unemployment rate 10.6% higher than the state and nation unemployment rate. By hiring Harold Wolfson to spin for his administration we can expect to see more spin like yesterday were the mayor charged that Paterson budget would result in thousands of city workers being fired. This means dance of words by has nothing to do with policy or the impact on the public but it is important to the spin masters and the pols.

"'He was using his nice self. He let us know what he objected to, but he was very, very careful,'" said Assemblyman Denny Farrell of Mayor Bloomberg's polite objections to the governor's budget proposal." Bloomberg Uses His 'Nice Self' in Albany

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