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No Jobs

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Fault Politics: Pols Telflon Promises, Result Public Left Without Jobs

No Fault Politics
Pols Teflon Promises, Result Public Left Without Jobs
Jobs Jobs Jobs is no more than a slogan that the pols use to make it look like they are doing something. In a year when most of the council incumbent were reelected promising smaller class sizes, affordable housing and other spending programs when they knew the city would have to cut services. Even the Mayor promised free crosstown buses. We live in a culture where all the pols have to do is promise to create jobs and they get reelected. But the promise of jobs is far different than the realities and the citizens of New York are becoming the victims of the pols rhetoric and the city's double digit unemployment rate.

Old London Bakery is closing its plant along Eastchester Road in Morris Park and moving to North Carolina, which means a loss of some 200 jobs. Many of the workers who have been employed by the bakery for over 40 years made up to $18 an hour and had free medical coverage from their union. Last year Stella D'Oro closed up shop. Its operations moved to Ohio and resulted in the loss of 150 jobs. For many years, manufacturers have been leaving the area -- ones that once employed thousands including Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Junior. "I worked at Farberware. We made utensils and pots and pans. We lost 800 jobs to Mexico and those were jobs that were not replaced," Diaz Junior said. Wonder Bread used to be made in the Bronx, Haagen Diaz started in the Bronx. Bronx Bakery Heading South

Diaz is the same guy than led the fight that Block Plans for Armory Mall plans for the Kingsbridge Armory which would have created 2500 jobs in the Bronx. No Job Beats Low Job in City Council's View The question that should be asked to Diaz and every elected official in New York is why are some of the jobs leaving the Bronx. Instead Diaz and the council member put out press releases about making the Kingsbridge Armory a "green" manufacturing hub. Why would a businessman open a company in New York, when even successful companies like Haagen Diaz are moving out. Add to that China is making itself a center of green manufacturing that the president the other day have to add tax incentives to make sure the that the U.S. is not cut completely out of the green market. Obama's Green Jobs Fantasy - Vincent Carroll, Denver Post

The media covered the Stella D'Oro strike over and over but has never written a story why successful business leave the Bronx. Why jobs leave the city is not on the rader of Albany or the City Council either. Might it be that business owners have a feeling that city and state government will tax any profits they make in the future?

Friday, January 22, 2010

The City's Forgotten Unemployed 10.6% Highest Level in 17 Years

The City's Forgotten Unemployed

10.6% Highest Level in 17 Years

Not one pol speaks up for the jobless.
Not one reporter asks a pol what they going to do to help the homeles as they cover the pols monkeying around.

Where is the mayor, governor or any pol for that matter trying to find solutions or help for the city's rising unemployment rate? City’s Jobless Rate Rises to 10.6%, Exceeding Nation’sThe mayor is bailing out developers N.Y.C. Tries Saving Housing Imperiled by Investors trying to protect Wall StreetBloomberg Hammers Obama, Congress Over Bank Plan and blaming Layoffs on the governor Mike: Budget means layoffs The governor calls the mayor a baby Paterson tells Bloomberg: Quit whining over budget woes and responded "Just remember these are the times we're in." Gov. David Paterson is concerned about his job, but not others "I am running for governor, and someone is going to have to beat me." The same for his wife First Lady Michelle Paige Paterson said her husband's enemies are using "ridiculous" and "untrue" scandals to try to damage his reputation and force him out of the race. The first lady also thinks others are trying to fire her husband Michelle Paterson said there's "definitely" an orchestrated effort to damage her husband.

Ford is warning some people could get fired. He wants to fire Gillibrand, "Anybody who believes that they are safe this morning as an incumbent is probably kidding themselves," said Harold Ford Jr. The PA is attacking the mayor on the homeless Sound and fury: De Blasio slams mayor on homeless but charges have no foundation * The mayor may be phoning in his third term from the Caribbean No miracles followed Bloomberg's ninth State of the State speech, notes Clyde Haberman * Quinn fired a councilman from his job and the DN agrees Council Speaker Christine Quinn "did the right thing" by stripping Barron of his post. Video of Barron protesting the lost of his job * At least our Senator puts out a press release on jobs. Sen. Chuck Schumer said Brown’s election teaches Democrats to focus on jobs. (Elmira Star-Gazette) Geithner whose policies have caused million to lose their jobs might lose his job also Geithner on the Outs? * The Daily News is writing about how it is collecting food for the poor Broadway hopefuls arrive at 'Hair' open casting call with food for Daily News-City Harvest drive As Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's plans his annual Valentine's party his beloved Brooklyn has seen the biggest jump in its unemployment rate compared to last year of any borough in the city

Jobless New York Teflon' Pols We just gone through a mayoral campaign with almost no talk of what to do about New Yorkers losing their jobs. We now have the highest unemployment in the city in 25 years without a single pol coming up with a solution to the growing problem. Now the city is cutting jobs out of media and public sight City Hall Budget Maneuver Quietly Encourages Job Cuts

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