Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mob Still Controls NYC Housing Department

NYC Housing Terrace Cause Mob Non Enforcement Every few years a group of mob builders and NYC Building inspectors are rounded up by the feds. These roundups usually occur after someone gets killed, by a crane falling or a fire in a bank building or maybe now tenants falling off their own balcony.Balconies Declared Unsafe at 16 New York Buildings Thousands of residents were ordered to stop using their balconies after safety reviews prompted by a deadly fall. The warnings came as inspectors conducted safety reviews around the city after a man fell to his death in March when part of the railing on his balcony gave way. Inspectors have also found that about 800 building owners have failed to file inspection reports. You cannot have mob payoffs and an effective inspection program in the buildings department at the same time * City cracking down on unsafe balconies after March traged (DN) * Report: Unsafe Balconies In NYC (Fox 5) Oh yes the city did hire a new chief to fight the mob inside the building department New Enforcement Chief for Buildings If it was like the other attempts to get the mob out, there will be more deaths and fed arrests in the future * DOB Warns Residents Of 16 Buildings To Stay Off Balconies (NY1) *LI crane honcho pleads to bribery in Manhattan (NYP)

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