Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UFT Charter Schools

Can the Democratic UFT Coalition Be Cracking?
Clinton Join Fight to Lift the Cap

Can a small federal education program proposed by a pro union and UFT president called Race to the Top be dismantling the strong bonds between the democrats and the teachers union. As former President Clinton joins the supporters of charter schools the city and nation could see a sea change in not only education but the relationship of the democratic party to the unions. The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand (Brill, NYT) * Bubba vs. Shelly Clinton supports lifting charter school cap (NYP Ed) * Bill raps the cap Clinton signs up as a 'charter' member (NYP) *Conn. Senate hopeful lied about serving in Vietnam: report (DN) * A Very Bright Idea Two New York City high schools are offering college degrees, addressing both the importance of academic achievement and the spiraling cost of higher education (Herbert, NYT) * School Budgets Go Before Voters (WSJ) * VIDEO: Battle over airwaves pits UFT vs. pro-charter forces (DN) * Union boss forces Education czar to add third stop to visit (DN) * Teacher for the Apple: Education Secretary has good advice for local schools (DN ed) * Hammond: Budget mess tarnishes Silver * New Yorkers To Vote On School Budgets (WCBSTV) * Paterson: Most School Budgets Will Fail *Paterson: Road To Lifting Charter Cap Paved With Money We Don't Have * The AFL-CIO is pressuring three more state senators. (State of Politics) Look for More Change is Dems Go South Tonight Primary Results Expected To Have National Significance

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